Absolute Vapes SL 
Plaza de la Constitución, 2, Edificio Neptuno Planta 1, Oficina 2, 29640 Fuengirola (Málaga), España  

Our company Absolute B2B OÜ offers under our service brand Absolute Vapes multifunctional global services to manufacturers and resellers of disposable e-cigarettes in the fields of business development, B2B sales, procurement, opening export-import channels, marketing and logistics. 
We create and implement new sales and distribution concepts, marketing plans and necessary logistics solutions. We find new buyers and dealers-distributors in Europe and all over the world. We launch our clients' foreign offices, subsidiaries and operations in foreign countries (for example, we  just completed for one of our clients a project where we built from scratch a new B2B wholesale and distribution network in Spain). We participate in product development and design processes to ensure the best compliance of products with the requirements and regulations of the target countries and customer preferences. We operate as sales and procurement representatives of our clients. But we do not buy nor sell disposable e-cigarettes ourselves. We do not act as a trader-intermediator - instead of that we build the optimal sales and supply channels/schemes and relationaships between the manufacturers-exporters and retailers, as direct, short and simple as possible. Our promoted business concept is to keep the wholesale prices competitive and attractive by avoiding too many unnecessary intermediators-resellers-profittakers in the chain between the manufacturer and retailers.

NB! The science is still evolving, but evidence suggests that using e-cigarettes can help adults quit smoking. Although e-cigarettes are relatively new and their long-term effects are being studied, researchers have already determined that completely switching to e-cigarettes is less harmful than continuing to smoke tobacco. Talk to your doctor, pharmacist or smoking cessation coach to support your journey to a smoke- or nicotine-free life. Stop smoking tobacco - take care of your health and that of your loved ones! And remember, it is not cool to stink like an ashtray (e-cigarettes do not leave bad smell)!