• WE START & GROW  B2B sales, export and import in various business sectors.
  • WE GENERATE & EXECUTE  business ideas, marketing plans and logistics solutions.
  • WE SEEK & FIND B2B clients, dealers and distributors in Europe and all over the world.
  • WE SOURCE & PROCURE materials, products and services from different countries (also from China and Ukraine).
  • WE DEVELOP & IMPROVE business processes, product and service concepts.
  • WE LAUNCH & MANAGE our clients' foreign offices, subsidiaries, distribution warehouses, recruitment programs and other activities.
  • WE SOLVE the issues arising when entering new markets, exporting-importing, related to necessary permits, approvals, registrations, and other bureaucracy.
  • WE CREATE & DESIGN corparate identity, visual and text content (in any language) for clients' websites, online shops and social media pages and channels.
  • WE DO A LOT MORE - everything needed to achieve our clients' business goals.

We fulfill every order as a tailor-made job, focusing on satisfying the individual needs of the client while also considering their actual possibilities.

Utilizing our services is undoubtedly more convenient and cost-effective than hiring specialists for similar tasks from the labor market. Give us a try, and you'll become addicted to us!