If you believe that your esteemed company requires professional assistance in promoting B2B sales and exporting its products or services, in locating business partners, products/materials, or outsourcing services from foreign countries, or in generating and implementing a completely new business idea, then your intuition is likely accurate. And that's precisely the type of assistance we provide:
  • WE START AND GROW for our customers their B2B sales in various business sectors and mainly in foreign and export markets.
  • WE GENERATE AND IMPLEMENT new business concepts, marketing plans and necessary logistics solutions.
  • WE SEEK AND FIND new buyers and dealers-distributors in Europe and all over the world.
  • WE PROCURE raw materials, semi-finished products and subcontracting services from different countries.
  • WE PARTICIPATE in the processes of development, improvement and design of products and services and, if necessary, obtain approvals/sales permits from the respective authorities of the target countries.
  • WE ORGANIZE for our clients their foreign offices, subsidiaries, distribution and storage warehouses and other activities in foreign countries.
  • WE CREATE design concepts and content for our clients' websites and online stores.
  • WE ORGANIZE the construction of our customers' websites-shops (in various European languages).
  • WE MANAGE our clients' social media (in various European languages).
  • WE DO A LOT MORE - everything that is necessary to achieve our clients' business goals.

We serve large, medium, and small companies, whether they are already established or just starting out. 

We provide opportunities for long-term, continuous cooperation, as well as solutions for one-time tasks or problems.

We fulfill every order as a tailor-made job, focusing on satisfying the individual needs of the client while also considering their actual possibilities. 

Utilizing our services is undoubtedly more cost-effective, convenient, and quicker than hiring specialists for similar tasks from the labor market! Give us a try, and you'll become addicted to our service! Feel free to contact us!